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SWS newsflash pic roundcornerScientific Workshop 7

SciCom currently launches a seventh Scientific Workshop:

Precision medicine in IBD: Disease prevention, progression and therapy outcomes”

The following 4 working groups have been defined:

Group 1: Precision medicine in IBD: What, why and how
Group 2: Precision medicine in IBD: Prediction and prevention
Group 3: Precision medicine in IBD: Prognosis and response to therapy
Group 4: Precision medicine in IBD: Challenges and future directions

Call to participate open until November 24, 2019:

pdf ECCO SWS 7 - call for participation

General information - ECCO Scientific Workshops

Our scientific workshops aim at unraveling unanswered questions in the field of IBD, producing authoritative reviews and thus contributing to the body of knowledge. These workshops are launched bi-annually by our Scientific Committee (two-year process per workshop).

These workshops address a single question, with working groups performing a systematic review to be published and setting the goals for research to answer the question.

Patient material is used to study a given question from different aspects in working groups of 5-8 members. Involvement is limited to participating members, who are presenting predefined aspects of a relevant question (~ 20 min each). A brainstorming discussion aims at outlining a resolution. The research would be funded by open application to grant-funding bodies, including ECCO for pilot work.

All interested basic scientists are welcome to apply prior to the deadline. All participants follow a strict ethical code including the agreement not to use discussions and resolutions outside of ECCO and to follow pre-discussed rules on publication and authorship. No direct industry sponsoring will be accepted.

SWS 7 Steering Committee

The SWS 7 is managed by a four-member steering committee. The current steering committee is composed of:

Claudio Fiocchi (United States)
Bram Verstockt (Belgium)
Joana Torres (Portugal)
Michael Scharl (Switzerland)

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