The Reviewers of ECCO

The Reviewers of ECCO - we treasure you

ECCO treasures its strong Reviewer community of more than 500 experts, who provide each year an invaluable scientific service to the ECCO Family and the broader field of IBD by peer reviewing:

  • JCC articles on a continuous basis
  • ECCO Fellowships and Grants applications during the summer months
  • ECCO Congress Abstracts in the days immediately following the congress abstract deadline in November.

The Reviewers of the Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis (JCC)

Especially for experts in earlier career phases, your readiness to join the Reviewer community offers a great potential for stepping up onto the main stage of scientific debate.

Y-ECCO Members are strongly encouraged to sign up for JCC reviewing tasks by setting up an account on the JCC Online platform: (external link) and then reach out to the editorial office - JCC Editorial Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – with a short note about your interest to get involved as a JCC Reviewer. 

The JCC Online platform is also connected to the Web of Science and the Web of Science Academy (external link), which offers great educational resources. 

Moreover, you can gather, track and choose to publicly present your review work via your Web of Science profile.


The Reviewers of ECCO Congress Abstracts, Fellowships and Grants

The group of ECCO Reviewers is naturally growing as new ECCO Committee Members also join forces on the peer reviewing tasks as part of the Committee responsibilities.

Moreover, within the family spirit, ECCO also counts on the target groups benefiting from the efforts of their expert colleagues: Fellowship and Grant awardees, Congress presenters and JCC authors are also foreseen to join efforts in future peer reviewing tasks.

In line with a general trend in the scientific world, the personal peer reviewing track record will also become a weighing criterion in application processes where candidate rankings are very close.