3rd School for Clinical Trialists

March 6, 2019
Wednesday, March 6 from 08:00 to 11:30
Target audience 
Clinical trial coordinators, IBD nurses and Allied health professionals
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CME Accreditation
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  • 3rd School for Clinical Trialists: Clinical Trial Evolution and Recruitment in IBD
    1: Welcome & Introduction
    Marc Ferrante, Leuven, Belgium
    08:15-09:30 Session 1: Evolution of trial design
    Javier Gisbert, Madrid, Spain
      08:15-08:45 2: What did we achieve with the past IBD trials until now?
    Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, France
      08:45-09:15 3: What are the unmet needs and how can new type/innovative trials meet these?
    Gert van Assche, Leuven, Belgium
      09:15-09:30 4: General Discussion
    09:30-10:00 Coffee Break
    10:00-11:20 Session 2: How to optimise recruitment
    Uri Kopylov, Tel Aviv, Israel
      10:00-10:20 5: Clinical trial coordinator's view
    Martin Thomas, Cambridge, United Kingdom
      10:20-10:40 6: Patient's view/IBD nurse's view (together)
    Carina Blixt, Hvidovre, Denmark

    Annette Munk Happel, Hvidovre, Denmark (IBD Patient)
    10:40-11:00 7: PI's view
    Laurent Beaugerie, Paris, France

      11:00-11:20 8: Group Discussion
    Laurent Beaugerie, Paris, France
    Carina Blixt, Hvidovre, Denmark
    Krisztina Gecse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Martin Thomas, Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Annette Munk Happel, Hvidovre, Denmark (IBD Patient)
    Wulf Böcher, Ingelheim, Germany (Boehringer Ingelheim)
     11:20-11:30 9: Summary & Closing remarks
    John Mansfield, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom