5th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop

March 6, 2019
Wednesday, March 6 from 12:30 to 16:30
Target audience 
Basic Scientists, Physicians, Paediatricians, Surgeons, IBD nurses
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  • 5th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop
    12:30-12:35 1: Welcome and Introduction
    Demystifying complex molecular techniques
    Nuha Yassin, Birmingham
    , United Kingdom
    12:35-13:50 Session 1: Complex genetics and functional epigenetics
    Charlotte Hedin, Stockholm, Sweden
    Dominik Bettenworth, Münster, Germany 
      12:35-13:05 2: Understanding and integrating the 'omics' in IBD
    Nik Sheng Ding, Melbourne, Australia
      13:05-13:20 3: Abstract 1: Distinct and common gene expression profiles between inflamed ileum and colon of newly diagnosed CD patients
    Sare Verstockt, Leuven, Belgium
      13:20-13:35 4: Abstract 2: Signalling and transcriptional network propagation uncovers novel Ulcerative Colitis pathogenetic pathways from single nucleotide polymorphisms
    Dezso Modos, Cambridge, United Kingdom
      13:35-13:50 5: Abstract 3: The regulatory landscape of intestinal cells – investigating the transcriptional effect of autophagy impairment observed in Crohn’s disease using organoid and network biology approaches
    Agatha Treveil, Norwich, United Kingdom
    13:50-14:15 Meet the speakers break
    14:15-15:30 Session 2: Understanding and integrating the 'omics' in IBD
    Elaine Holmes, London, United Kingdom
    Nuha Yassin, Birmingham, United Kingdom 
    14:15-14:45 6: Complex genetics and functional epigenetics
    Dermot McGovern, Los Angeles, United States
      14:45-15:00 7: Abstract 4: Supplementation with butyrate producing bacteria reduces tumor load in a mouse model of colitis associated cancer
    Ana Montalban-Arques, Zurich, Switzerland
    8: Abstract 5: Myenteric plexitis and post-operative recurrence in Crohn’s disease: the role of enteric glial cells and ICAM-1
    Catherine Le Berre, Nantes, France
      15:15-15:30 9: Abstract 6: The cytokine milieu in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease impacts the phenotype of mesenchymal stromal cells
    Marieke Barnhoorn, Leiden, The Netherlands
    15:30-16:25 10: Session 3: Group session - Which methods should you choose?
    Dominik Bettenworth, Münster, Germany
    Johan Burisch, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Nik Sheng Ding, Melbourne, Australia
    Expert panel:
    Isabelle Cleynen, Leuven, Belgium,
    Willem Bemelman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Dermot McGovern, Los Angeles, United States 

    16:25-16:30 11: Closing remarks and Y-ECCO best abstract awards
    Nuha Yassin, Birmingham, United Kingdom