7th SciCom Workshop: Mechanisms and therapeutic modulation of mucosal healing in IBD

March 7, 2019
Thursday, March 7 from 08:45 to 12:00
Target audience 
Basic scientists and interested clinicians
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  • 7th SciCom Workshop: Mechanisms and therapeutic modulation of mucosal healing in IBD
    (As of October 2018)
    08:45-10:10 Session 1: Intestinal regeneration and its disruption in IBD
    Jesús Rivera-Nieves, San Diego, United States
    Janneke Van der Woude, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
      08:45-08:55 1: Welcome & Introduction
    Shomron Ben-Horin, Ramat Gan, Israel
      08:55-09:20 2: Epithelial barrier defects in the pathogenesis of IBD
    Sebastian Zeissig, Dresden, Germany
    09:20-09:45 3: Intestinal immunity - friend or foe in regeneration?
    Michael Scharl, Zurich, Switzerland
      09:45-10:10 4: The extracellular matrix as a central regulator of intestinal regeneration
    Debby Laukens, Ghent, Belgium
    10:10-10:30 Coffee break
    10:30-11:45 Session 2: Clinical assessment and therapeutic modulation of intestinal regeneration in IBD
    Gerhard Rogler, Zurich, Switzerland
    Sebastian Zeissig, Dresden, Germany
      10:30-10:55 5: Epithelial transplantation to facilitate mucosal healing
    Mamoru Watanabe, Tokyo, Japan
      10:55-11:20 6: Novel endoscopic approaches for the assessment of mucosal healing
    Maximillian Waldner, Erlangen, Germany
    11:20-11:45 7: New drugs to support tissue healing - insights from other fields
    Florian Rieder, Cleveland, United States
    11:45-12:00 8: Closing remarks
    Sebastian Zeissig, Dresden, Germany