DOP Session 3

  • 17:30-18:30 Digital Oral Presentation Session 3 – Old and new immunomodulators
    Room: Strauss 3, Ground Floor, Congress Centre
    Krisztina Gecse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Ailsa Hart, London, United Kingdom

      17:30-17:36 DOP019: Immunomodulators reduce the risk of surgery and hospitalization in Crohn’s Disease in a prospective European population-based inception cohort – the Epi-IBD cohort
    J. Burisch1, V. Andersen2, 3, S. Čuković-Čavka4, P.L. Lakatos5, R. D'Inca6, F. Magro7, 8, 9, N. Arebi10, L. Kievit11, I. Kaimakliotis12, D. Valpiani13, K.H. Katsanos14, Z. Vegh5, J.F. Dahlerup15, M. Fumery16, N. Pedersen17, J. Halfvarson18, E. Belousova 19, K.R. Nielsen20, S. Turcan21, P. Ellul22, L. Kupcinskas 23, P. Oksanen24, D. Duricova25, M. Giannotta26, A. Goldis27, V. Hernandez28, R. Salupere29, S. Odes30, E. Langholz31, P. Munkholm1, Epi-IBD study group
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      17:36-17:42 DOP020: Thiopurine monotherapy still has a place in the treatment of patients with Mild-to-Moderate Crohn’s Disease in the biological era
    B. Verstockt1, 2, L. Boets1, G. Van Assche1, 2, S. Vermeire1, 2, M. Ferrante1, 2 
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    2. KU Leuven, Translational Research in Gastrointestinal Disorders, Department of Chronic Diseases, Metabolism and Ageing, Leuven, Belgium
      17:42-17:48 DOP021: Immunosuppressive and anti-TNF treatment is associated with a lower risk of migration from B1-to-B3-stage in Crohn’s Disease: 10-year-follow-up data from the Swiss IBD cohort study
    P. Cernoch1, N. Fournier2, M. Scharl1, J. Zeitz3, B. Morell1, T. Greuter1, P. Schreiner1, B. Misselwitz1, E. Safroneeva4, A. Schoepfer5, S.R. Vavricka6, G. Rogler1L. Biedermann7
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      17:48-17:54 DOP022: Tacrolimus suppositories as induction therapy for refractory ulcerative proctitis: A randomised controlled trial
    J.E. Kreijne
    , M.R. Lie1, G. Dijkstra2, M. Löwenberg3, G. van Assche4, R.L. West5, D. van Noord5, A.A. van der Meulen - de Jong6, B.E. Hansen1, 7, A.C. de Vries1, C.J. van der Woude1
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    7. Toronto General Hospital, Center for Liver Disease, Toronto, Canada
      17:54-18:00 DOP023: Tofacitinib for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis: Up to 4.4 years of safety data from global clinical trials
    W.J. Sandborn1J. Panés2, G.R. D’Haens3, B.E. Sands4, C. Su5, M. Moscariello5, T.V. Jones5, R.D. Pedersen5, G.S. Friedman5, N. Lawendy5, G. Chan5
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       18:00-18:06 DOP024: Tofacitinib achieves symptomatic improvement within three days in moderately to severely active Ulcerative Colitis, regardless of prior tumour necrosis factor inhibitor treatment status: Results from OCTAVE induction 1 & 2
    S. Hanauer1, R. Panaccione2, S. Danese3, A. Cheifetz4W. Reinisch5, P.D.R. Higgins6, D.A. Woodworth7, H. Zhang7, G.S. Friedman7, N. Lawendy7, D. Quirk7, C.I. Nduaka7, C. Su7
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       18:06-18:12 DOP025: Tofacitinib for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis: Analysis of malignancy rates from the OCTAVE clinical programme
    G.R. Lichtenstein1, M.A. Ciorba2G. Rogler3, D. Quirk4, C.I. Nduaka4, R.D. Pedersen4, N. Lawendy4, G. Chan4, C. Su4, J. Panés51. Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, Division of Gastroenterology, Philadelphia, PA, United States
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    5. Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, IDIBAPS, CIBERehd, Barcelona, Spain
      18:12-18:18 DOP026: Efficacy and safety of dose escalation to tofacitinib 10 mg BID for patients with Ulcerative Colitis following loss of response on tofacitinib 5 mg BID maintenance therapy: Results from OCTAVE open
    B.E. Sands1, A.C. Moss2A. Armuzzi3, J.K. Marshall4, J.O. Lindsay5, W.J. Sandborn6, S. Danese7, K. Tsilkos8, N. Lawendy9, H. Zhang9, G.S. Friedman9, G. Chan9, D.W. Krichbaum8, C. Su9
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      18:18-18:24 DOP027: Efficacy and safety of an additional eight weeks of tofacitinib induction therapy: Results of the OCTAVE open study for tofacitinib eigth-week induction non-responders
    B.G. Feagan1, M.C. Dubinsky2M. Lukas3, D. Quirk4, C.I. Nduaka4, E. Maller4, N. Lawendy4, C. Kayhan4, W. Wang4, G. Chan4, C. Su4
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