N17 The Perceptions and Experiences of People Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease of Nursing Care A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis

Conmy, C.(1);

(1)Sligo University Hospital, Gastroenterology, Sligo, Ireland


Inflammatory bowel disease is a chronic condition of the bowel which is known to be very challenging for patients especially during times of active disease or flare ups of their symptoms.  Those affected have to adapt their lives to the chronic nature of their condition.  The aim of this review was to synthesise qualitative evidence on the perceptions and experiences of those living with inflammatory bowel disease on nursing care received in all health care settings and identify barriers and facilitators for optimal nursing care. Qualitative evidence synthesis guided by Thomas & Harden’s (2008) method of thematic synthesis was used. 


A systematic search was carried out in CINAHL, Embase, Medline, Cochrane and Google Scholar using combinations of key words.  Searches were imported into Covidence which is an online software product used for systematic reviews.  Title and abstract screening and full text screening were carried out to screen for eligible papers.  Included studies were critically appraised using Critical Appraisal Support Programme (CASP) and thematic synthesis of the data was conducted. Eleven studies were included in the synthesis.


From the thematic synthesis of the included studies three analytical themes were developed;
1) Meaningful care for patients,
2) Accessible support and information
3) “A constant” for people with IBD.


This review demonstrated the positive and negative experiences of patients with inflammatory bowel disease on the nursing care they received.  It raises key issues for patients which can be addressed by nursing when caring for patients.  The results will inform nursing on what is important to patients and how their healthcare needs can be met in all settings.  This review will also support evidence for nurses to obtain resources and improve patient care.