P090 Influence of high-fat diet on colitis and liver health in inflammatory bowel disease: a study using murine model of DSS-induced colitis

A.R. Choe, S.E. Kim, H.A. Lee, S.G. Yoo, T.O. Kim, C.H. Tae, C.M. Moon, H.K. Jung, K.N. Shim, S.A. Jung

Ewha Womans University, Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea


In recent, consumption of high-fat (HF) diet has been increasingly considered to be a significant aggravating factor of inflammatory bowel disease and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. The aim of this study was to investigate whether exacerbation of chronic DSS-induced colitis caused by HF diet could promote liver inflammation, using measurement of biomarkers.


Male C57BL/6 mice were allocated into four experimental groups receiving either; (1) control with normal diet/water; control, (2) control with high-fat diet; HF, (3) DSS induced colitis group with normal diet/water; DSS, (4) DSS-induced colitis group with high-fat diet; DSS + HF for 4 weeks. On day 30 of study, colon and liver tissues samples were obtained for measuring mRNA expression of pro-inflammatory/pro-fibrogenic markers and blood for metabolic parameter analysis. Spearman rank correlations were analysed between colon and liver inflammatory biomarkers.


The mean colon length was shorter, and more stenotic lesions were observed in DSS + HF group, compared with the other three groups. While HF diet alone did not cause significant colonic inflammation, HF diet in chronic DSS colitis aggravated colonic inflammation revealing the significant increase of IL1-β and IL17 mRNA expression as well as increasing the disease activity indices significantly at the late phase of the study. Moreover, DSS + HF group showed significantly higher serum levels of total cholesterol (p = 0.004) and glucose (p = 0.002), compared with HF group. Hepatic inflammation was more severe in DSS + HF group, showing significantly increased IL1-β and TGF-β expression compared with HF group. The mRNA expression of IL-1β in colitis group was statistically positive correlated with those in liver tissue (rs = 0.51, p = 0.010).


High-fat diet in chronic colitis may adversely affect the metabolic parameters and liver inflammation, as well as aggravation of colitis.