P262 Effectiveness and safety of ustekinumab in elderly patients: Real world evidence from ENEIDA registry

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Clinical trials and real-life studies with Ustekinumab in Crohn's disease show its good efficacy and safety profile. However, there are hardly any data on elderly patients, who are excluded from these clinical trials. Our aim is to evaluate these variables in real-life practice.


Retrospective analysis of patients from the prospectively maintained ENEIDA registry treated with Ustekinumab for Crohn's disease. Elderly patients were selected as those over 60 years old at the start of treatment. They were compared with 2 randomised controls from the same centre, aged less than 60 years, matched for smoking habit. The degree of comorbidity was assessed using the Charlson’s index. Clinical and biochemical activity and effectiveness were defined based on Harvey-Bradshaw index and calprotectin and CRP levels at weeks 16, 32 and 54, when available.


A total of 648 patients were analysed, 212 elderly (mean age 67 [63.6;72.8] years) and 436 young (mean age 41.6 [32.6;50.0] years). No differences were observed between both groups in baseline variables except for the degree of comorbidity, higher in elderly patients (1.00 [0.00;2.00] vs 0.00 [0.00;0.00], p<0.001) and previous anti-TNF use, lower in the elderly (3.44% vs 15.2%, p<0.001). Baseline clinical and biochemical activity was similar in both groups.

Clinical response rate was similar in both groups at week 16 (70.5% vs 76.6%, p=0.199), week 32 (67.6% vs 70.2% p=0.104) and week 54 (74% vs 74.9%, p=0.326). Steroid-free remission and biochemical response also showed no differences throughout follow-up.

The rate of adverse effects was similar in both groups (14.2% vs 11.2%, p=0.350) except for the occurrence of de novo neoplasms, which was higher in the elderly group (0.69% vs 4.25%, p=0.003). The rate of severe infections (7.08 vs 7.34, p=1.000), the need for surgery (16.5% vs 20.0%, p=0.345) and the need for hospital admission (21.7% vs 19.0%, p=0.489) did not differ.

Persistence of UST treatment was similar in both groups (log Rank test p=0.91).

Table 1. Characteristics of the study population
Variable > 60 years N=436 < 60 years N=212 p-value
Female gender,  N (%) 208 (47.7%) 109 (51.4%) 0.422
Corticosteroids at baseline, N (%) 127 (29.3) 54 (25.5) 0.352
Prior anti-TNF treatment, N (%) 421 (96.66) 180 (84.8) <0.001
HB at baseline [RIQ] 6.00 [3.00;9.75] 6.00 [4.00;9.00] 0.503
Calprotectine at baseline  mg/kg [RIQ] 395 [169;887] 456 [214;984] 0.436
CRP at baseline mg/dl  [RIQ] 2.08 [0.55;4.90] 2.07 [0.54;5.11] 0.691


Ustekinumab achieved clinical response in almost three-quarters of elderly patients, similar to the younger population, with no increase in the rate of infections or other adverse effects, with the exception of de novo neoplasms.