P360 Role of intestinal ultrasound scores in the diagnosis of post-operative recurrence in Crohn's disease

Amor Costa, C.(1)*;Suárez Ferrer , C.(1);Poza Cordón, J.(1);Yebra Carmona , J.(1);Rueda García , J.L.(1);Sánchez Azofra , M.(1);Martín Arranz, E.(1);González Díaz, I.(1);Amiama Roig, C.(1);Martín Arranz, M.D.(1);

(1)Hospital La Paz Institute for Health Research – IdiPAZ La Paz University Hospital – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Madrid, Spain;


Ileocolonoscopy is the gold standard to evaluate post-operative recurrence (POR) in Crohn's disease (CD) patients. Rutgeerts endoscopic score remains the gold standard in the evaluation of post-operative recurrence in CD.

Intestinal ultrasound (IUS) is proposed as a non-invasive alternative to ileocolonoscopy for the diagnosis of POR, with a sensitivity of 94% and specificity of 84%. There are several IUS scores that evaluate CD disease activity such as SUS-CD (validated), IBUS-SAS and Simple US Score, which have not yet been studied in the diagnosis of POR. The aim of this study is to assess whether these ultrasound scores correlate with endoscopy in the diagnosis of PR.


A retrospective study was performed. Patients with CD who had undergone ileocecal resection, with both an ileocolonoscopy and intestinal ultrasound performed for the detection of POR were included. The time between tests was less than 6 months and there was no therapeutic change between tests.

Endoscopic POR was evaluated with Rutgeers score (RS), considering POR  RS ≥i2b. In IUS, were used: Simple US Score, SUS-CD and IBUS-SAS.


Forty-five patients were included (female 48,89%, male 51,11%). The Montreal classification was: L1 n=22 (48,89%), L2=1 (2,22%), L3 n=22 (48,89%), B1 n=3 (6,67%), B2 24 (54,4%) and B3 n=18 (40%).

24 patients (53%) had no endoscopic POR, 6 (6%) had RS i2b and 15 (33.33%) had severe POR. The mean wall thickness measured by IUS was 4.39 mm (SD +/- 1.92) and 26 patients (57.77%) had hyperemia (Limberg score >1). The mean values for IUS scores were: Simple US Score 5.79 (SD +/- 2.81), SUS-CD 2.35 (SD +/- 1.62) and IBUS-SAS 34.04 (SD +/- 24.21). For the Simple US Score an area under the ROC curve (AUC) of 80.65% (95% CI 67.7 - 93.6) was obtained, with a score ≥5.4. The sensitivity (S) was 95.24% and specificity (E) 66.67%. IBUS-SAS presented an AUC of 87% (95% CI 76.98 - 97.02), a result ≥28 granted a S 90.48% and E 70.83%. The SUS-CD index had an AUC of 79% (95% CI 76.98 - 97.92), a result ≥3 presented S 90.48% and E 62.5%.


In our experience, IUS scores (IBUS-SAS, SUS-CD and Simple US Score) show a high sensitivity in the diagnosis of POR.