P625 Randomized controlled trial on the effect of megaboluses of intravenous corticosteroids added to oral corticosteroids in the treatment of moderately active ulcerative colitis

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Oral corticosteroids remain as the first-line treatment for moderately active ulcerative colitis (UC). In controlled studies, they achieved clinical remission in 30-60% of patients at 30 days. In severe systemic diseases, intravenous bolus administration of methyl-prednisolone accelerates the clinical response and increases the therapeutic efficacy of corticosteroids. 

Aims: To assess the additive effect of IV boluses of methyl-prednisolone in an outpatient Schedule on the remission rate of moderately active UC.


Randomized, controlled, open study. Inclusion criteria: 1) moderately active (complete May 6-10) distal or extensive UC; 2) never exposed to immunosuppressants or biologicals; 3) without corticosteroid therapy within the last 6 months. Randomization to oral prednisone 60mg/day (ORAL arm) or the same regimen preceded by intravenous boluses of 500mg methyl-prednisolone for 3 days (BOLUS arm). Primary endpoint: clinical and endoscopic remission at week 8 as defined by a complete Mayo score <3 with no subscore >1. Results are expressed in frequencies, medians and interquartile range.


75 patients (39 ORAL, 36 BOLUS) were included, 24% at diesease onset, 49% extensive UC, 68% were on maintenance with oral 5ASA, and 31% had ever received systemic corticosteroids. At baseline, complete Mayo score was 9 (7-9), with C-reactive protein 9.25 mg/L (3.85-20.17) and fecal calprotectin 1430 ug/g (501-2702), with no differences in the baseline clinical-epidemiological characteristics between both treatment arms. At 8 weeks, 37% of patients achieved clinical-endoscopic remission (47% BOLUS vs 28% ORAL; p=0.089), 52% mucosal healing -Mayo endoscopic subscore <2- (61% BOLUS vs 44% ORAL; p=0.129), 24% endoscopic remission -Mayo endoscopic=0- (31% BOLUS vs 18% ORAL; p=0.202) and 55% clinical remission - partial Mayo score <2- (61% BOLUS vs 49% ORAL; p=0.281). No associated factors with clinical-endoscopic remission were identified.


The addition of three intravenous megaboluses at the beginning of a conventional regimen of oral prednisone achieves a non-significant increase in clinical-endoscopic remission rates at the end of corticosteroid treatment in patients with moderately active UC.