4th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop

Feb 14, 2018
Target audience 
Basic Scientists, Physicians, Surgeons, Paediatricians, IBD nurses
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    4th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop
    (as of December 2017)

    • 13:30-13:35 1: Introduction
      Isabelle Cleynen, Leuven, Belgium

      13:35-14:50 Session 1: In vivo perils in IBD
      Claudio Fiocchi, Cleveland, United States
      Dominik Bettenworth, Münster, Germany

        13:35-14:05 Application and relevance of in vivo models in IBD
      Claudio Fiocchi, Cleveland, United States

        14:05-14:20 Abstract 1: Consequences of an IL2RA locus duplication in a very early onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease patient
      Linda Joosse, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
        14:20-14:35 Abstract 2: Gene expression profiles in inflamed colonic biopsies from newly diagnosed Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis patients differ depending on the age at diagnosis
      Sare Verstockt, Leuven, Belgium
        14:35-14:50 Abstract 3: TIGIT expression identifies circulating CD38<sup>+</sup> effector T-cells with immune regulatory properties whose frequencies at diagnosis predict disease course of paediatric IBD patients
      Linda Joosse, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
      14:50-15:10 Meet the speakers break
      15:10-16:25 Session 2: Ex vivo promises in IBD 
      Britta Siegmund, Berlin, Germany
      Nuha Yassin, Harrow, United Kingdom

      15:10-15:40 Promises and perils of ex vivo models in IBD
      Britta Siegmund, Berlin, Germany
        15:40-15:55 Abstract 4: Validation of a novel xenograft mouse model for intestinal fistulas
      Ramona Bruckner, Zurich, Switzerland
        15:55-16:10 Abstract 5: Targeting fibroblast activation protein in Crohn's Disease intestinal strictures restores balanced deposition of extracellular matrix and reduces fibrosis
      Marta Truffi, Milan Italy
        16:10-16:25 Abstract 6: CCL20 and CCR6 on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): A more potent chemokine in Ulcerative Colitis?
      Helene Skovdahl, Trondheim, Norway
      16:25-16:30 Closing remarks and Y-ECCO best abstract awards
      Isabelle Cleynen, Leuven, Belgium