Challenges in using new drugs in children

Lissy de Ridder, P-ECCO Member

Lissy de Ridder
Lissy de Ridder

Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) accounts for 10%15% of all incident cases of IBD, while the incidence in children under 10 years old is rising most rapidly [1, 2]. Children and adolescents present with a more severe phenotype of disease and have both higher and unique risks (e.g. fistulising disease, growth failure, pubertal delay) and a longer disease duration, given that IBD is a lifelong disease. 

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4th International Symposium on Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease - PIBD 2017

David Wilson, P-ECCO Member

David Wilson
David Wilson © ECCO

The first International Symposium on Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease (PIBD) took place in Rome in 2006 and was hosted by Salvatore Cucchiara. It was followed by the second PIBD Symposium in 2009 in Paris, hosted by Frank Ruemmele. Both were private initiatives. After a pause while plans to alternate PIBD Symposia between venues in Europe and North America were considered, the paediatric IBD Porto group of ESPGHAN took over all organisation. This resulted in the 3rd Symposium in Rotterdam in 2014, hosted by Hankje Escher.

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Paediatric news from the 13th Congress of ECCO 2018

Jaroslaw Kierkus, P-ECCO Member

Jaroslaw Kierkus
Jaroslaw Kierkus

The 13th Congress of ECCO is behind us: So many thoughts, and important new targets for research into therapy, diagnosis and management. Everything in one place, in wonderful Vienna.

From the point of view of the paediatrician, the Congress offered insights into numerous new predictive tools. It is not surprising that research is heading in this direction, for ultimately “to know” is halfway towards “to treat”. Looking more closely at this topic: What can we predict and by what means can we predict it?

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The newly revised ECCO/ESPGHAN Paediatric UC Guideline

Richard Russell, P-ECCO Member

Richard RussellRichard Russell  ©  ECCO

The revision of the Paediatric UC Guideline for children has been carried out jointly by the ESPGHAN Porto IBD group and ECCO. This revised guideline has updated the previous separate guidelines on Acute Severe UC and Ambulatory UC [1,2] and combined them into one document. The guideline was developed on the basis of an intensive literature search and careful evidence grading; the Oxford levels of evidence were used for the latter purpose after it became clear that the guideline was being developed too soon for the use of GRADE methodology. A summary of all the evidence assimilated during the guideline development will be published as supplementary tables so that others can benefit from the intensive search without having to redo the work.

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