54th ECCO Educational Workshop in Cardiff, United Kingdom

Barney Hawthorne, UK National Representative

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November 17, 2017

The 54th ECCO regional workshop was held in Cardiff on November 17, and it was a pleasure to welcome ECCO to the capital city of Wales, to a day of sunshine. The meeting followed on from a highly successful one day IBD Clinical Research Group meeting organised by the British Society of Gastroenterology, also held in Cardiff on the preceding day.

The workshop was chaired by the UK ECCO reps Dr Barney Hawthorne and Tariq Ahmad. The one day meeting was informal and highly interactive with ample opportunity to learn from series of case presentations that covered both the basics of managing Crohn’s and UC, (managing moderate distal UC, and Ileocaecal Crohn’s) but also less common problems (oral Crohn’s Disease and pouchitis). The presentations highlighted the ECCO Guidelines and the audience and faculty found a great deal to discuss, using Guideline statements as a starting point.

Not every patient follows neatly along straightforward ‘textbook’ pathways – as shown by this series of cases! Gerhard Rogler from Zurich finished the meeting with a lecture on “Personalising therapy choices in IBD: Current and future prospects” with a realistic assessment of how far we have come with new drugs, but also the limitations of our current treatment options.

The meeting was well organised, and we look forward to hosting future meetings in the UK. 

54th ECCO Educational Workshop in Cardiff54th ECCO Educational Workshop in Cardiff © ECCO   54th ECCO Educational Workshop in Cardiff54th ECCO Educational Workshop in Cardiff © ECCO


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