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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Fellowship at the CHUM

This training aims to promote the acquisition of new knowledge and comprehensive expertise in IBD to eventually practice as an IBD expert.

Duration of training: 12 months taking place at the CHUM.

Program committee:

- Dr. Robert Battat

- Dr Edmond-Jean Bernard

- Dr. Raymond Leduc

- Dr. Jeremy Liu

- Dr. Katarzyna Orlicka


Training objectives:

  1. Provide comprehensive care for patients with complex IBD.
  2. Manage indications, contraindications and sequence of complex medical therapies including biologics, small molecules, emerging treatments.
  3. Incorporate investigational drugs available in clinical trials into the treatment algorithm.
  4. Evaluate and treat short, medium and long-term adverse effects of medical treatment.
  5. Master appropriate endoscopic techniques in patients with IBD; for example: colonoscopy in patients with severe ulcerative colitis/severe Crohn's disease/post-operative Crohn's disease with several types of anastomoses, gastroscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, several techniques for colorectal cancer screening in IBD such as chromoendoscopy, dilation of digestive strictures, etc, for gastroenterologist candidates only. If the candidate only has training in internal medicine, there will be no training in endoscopy.
  6. Interact professionally and in partnership with patients, their families as well as multidisciplinary teams in order to administer quality care to the patient.
  7. Promote preventative health measures and patient health education.
  8. Plan, coordinate and develop at least one research project by creating the research protocol, participating in data analysis and writing a scientific article for publication.
  9. Participate in national and international conferences.
  10. Participate in educational activities during IBD seminars organized for residents in gastroenterology training.



The candidate participates in the IBD outpatient and endoscopic clinic, with supervision by IBD experts. The candidate will participate in the care of the few IBD patients who present to the emergency room or who are hospitalized in the gastroenterology department of the CHUM.

Selection process

The fellowship begins on December 1, 2024 until November 30, 2025. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

- Hold a doctor of medicine degree.

- Hold a specialist diploma in gastroenterology or internal medicine, or be in training to obtain their specialist diploma in gastroenterology or internal medicine.

- Canadian candidates must hold certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in internal medicine and be in the process of obtaining certification in gastroenterology or internal medicine. Foreign candidates must hold the diploma of specialist in gastroenterology issued by their country of origin.


Additional documents to provide when applying for admission

  • Submit a letter of intent describing the candidates career path, motivation for pursuing the fellowship, expectations regarding the program and goals.
  • Submit a curriculum vitae
  • Present two letters of recommendation
  • Present a letter from the training director in gastroenterology or internal medicine if the candidate is still in training.

Prior knowledge required

Demonstrate functional knowledge of the French language.

Candidate selection process

  • The candidate must send an official written request to the IBD program director. The candidate will then be asked to provide the required documents.
  • A file is then created in which these documents will be placed and preserved. A copy of the documents is sent to the program director for study of the application file by the Program Selection Committee. If the file is deemed admissible and meets the requirements, the candidate will be invited to an interview.
  • The interview is led by the program director and at least one other member of the program committee who serve as the selection committee. Applicants will be evaluated based on their academic merit, and will be selected based on their potential ability to complete the program. The files will then be reviewed by all members of the program committee. Following this process, a rank is granted to each applicant who applies, if applicable, based on academic record, letters of reference and scholarly activities completed or in progress.

Salary: 90,000 CAD

Key dates for submission of applications:

  • Opening of application submissions: January 1, 2024
  • End of applications: April 15, 2024
  • Interviews: April-May 2024
  • Choice of candidate issued on May 3, 2024 and posting of decision: May 15-30, 2024

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