Report on the 7th S-ECCO IBD Masterclass at ECCO'18

Oded Zmora, Former S-ECCO Chair

Oded Zmora
Oded Zmora © ECCO

The 7th S-ECCO IBD Masterclass, the meeting of the surgeons’ branch of ECCO, was held this year on February 15, 2018 in Vienna, within the framework of the 13th Congress of ECCO. The S-ECCO IBD Masterclass is the annual scientific forum for professional discussions on surgical aspects of the treatment of patients with IBD, emphasising the multidisciplinary approach in these patients. Each year, this unique meeting devoted to IBD surgery is attracting an increasing number of surgeons from around the globe owing to the high-quality scientific content and the opportunity for interchange of knowledge and ideas between surgeons and other professionals responsible for the care of IBD patients. 180 surgeons, gastroenterologists and other professionals from 40 countries registered for the Masterclass this year, which focused on cutting-edge IBD surgery.

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Paediatric news from the 13th Congress of ECCO 2018

Jaroslaw Kierkus, P-ECCO Member

Jaroslaw Kierkus
Jaroslaw Kierkus

The 13th Congress of ECCO is behind us: So many thoughts, and important new targets for research into therapy, diagnosis and management. Everything in one place, in wonderful Vienna.

From the point of view of the paediatrician, the Congress offered insights into numerous new predictive tools. It is not surprising that research is heading in this direction, for ultimately “to know” is halfway towards “to treat”. Looking more closely at this topic: What can we predict and by what means can we predict it?

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Report on the 3rd H-ECCO IBD Masterclass at ECCO'18

Roger Feakins, H-ECCO Chair

Roger Feakins
Roger Feakins © ECCO

The 3rd Histopathologists of ECCO (H-ECCO) Masterclass took place in Vienna on February 15–16, 2018.

Since its formation in 2016, the Histology Working Group of ECCO (H-ECCO) has organised a successful annual educational Masterclass. The 3rd H-ECCO Masterclass at the 2018 ECCO Congress in Vienna ran on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. It coincided with an important event: The official conversion of the H-ECCO Working Group to a full committee on the Thursday evening.  Attendance at the Masterclass was good (over 70 registrants) and the audience comprised a mixture of histopathologists and gastroenterologists from Europe and further afield.

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UR-CARE Training Centre at ECCO'18

07 UR CARE LOGO website

Dear ECCO Friends,

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of you who stopped by at the UR-CARE Training Centre to familiarise yourselves with your potential own new patient registry for the future.  

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Report on the 3rd ECCO Endoscopy Workshop at ECCO'18

Giovanni Maconi, EduCom Member

Giovanni Maconi
Giovanni Maconi

Participating speakers and chairs: Simon Travis (United Kingdom), Raf Bisschops (Belgium), Raya Atreya (Germany), Peter Irving (United Kingdom), James Lindsay (United Kingdom), Matthieu Allez (France), Massimo Fantini (Italy) and Peter Lakatos (Hungary)

The ECCO Endoscopy Workshop reached its 3rd edition in 2018 and has become a mainstay of the educational activities of ECCO. The workshop was organised by the Educational Committee (EduCom) and was designed to meet the needs of IBD specialists with some experience in endoscopy. 

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D-ECCO 2018 - The New Committee on the Block has Demonstrated its Mettle

Arie Levine, D-ECCO Member

11 Arie LevineArie Levine © ECCO

This ECCO News Issue is the perfect opportunity for me to express awe and gratitude: awe for the dedicated dietitians of D-ECCO, who have accomplished so much, and gratitude to the Governing Board of ECCO, which detected this emerging need in IBD and supported its development within ECCO, allowing me to be part of the process.

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Report on the 9th N-ECCO School at ECCO'18

Usha Chauhan, Former N-ECCO Member

Chauhan Usha roundedUsha Chauhan

The 9th N-ECCO School in Vienna was well attended, attracting 62 participants, including 11 dietitians, from 24 countries. This year the learning objectives were published online, next to the programme. The School covered a range of IBD topics for both nurses and dietitians who work with IBD patients. The aim of the School is to enhance basic knowledge in a clear and precise manner in order to enable nurses and dietitians new to IBD, or those with an interest in the subject, to provide better support to IBD patients throughout Europe and beyond. In addition, the N-ECCO School has come to serve as a great networking opportunity for both nurses and dietitians, enabling them to share experiences and plans for furthering their careers and demonstrating the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to IBD care.

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Report on the 4th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop at ECCO'18

Isabelle Cleynen, Former Y-ECCO Chair

Isabelle CleynenIsabelle Cleynen

With the Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop, Y-ECCO aims to give basic science, and young clinicians doing basic science or full-time researchers, a more visible platform within ECCO and the ECCO Congress. We also want to promote scientific exchange and networking among (young) basic scientists. Each edition of the workshop features two top-notch speakers and experts in their field who give state of the art overviews on the session topics and are then invited to join the discussions following oral abstract presentations by Y-ECCO Members. The two sessions of this year’s workshop focussed on “In vivo perils in IBD” and “Ex vivo promises in IBD”. 

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The ClinCom Workshop at ECCO'18

Marc Ferrante, ClinCom Chair

Marc Ferrante 2019 Marc Ferrante  ©  ECCO

Following the success of the previous workshops, the Clinical Research Committee (ClinCom) of ECCO will run a sixth workshop in 2018.

During past years, endpoints in clinical trials for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) have evolved substantially. Initially we mainly aimed for clinical remission, but it has become obvious that this is certainly insufficient to alter the natural history of the disease.

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